What’s the Best Electric Shaver?

Men care about their style and they always want to look groomed. But it’s not easy with all the hassle that shaving brings with it. You have to rinse the cream, use hot towels to soften facial hair, and then shave with utter care to ensure there are no cuts on the skin. An electric shaver along with a good beard trimmer makes a morning easier and quicker for men who want a fresh look every day.The guys at wise beards have done a good job reviewing the best beard trimmers. However, it is not easy to pick the best electric shaver with so many options available. To help you get along, we have compiled this resource so that you can pick the best electric shaver by comparing different models, their prices, and ratings.

Different types of Electric Shavers

There are two main types of electric shavers based on the way they work: rotary electric shavers and foil electric shavers. Usually, choosing between the types of a shaver is merely a personal choice. Foil shavers will have long foils that will cover the cutting blades. There are holes on the foil that ensure that hair isn’t plucked but cut. The hair enters the hole through the foil where blades move back and forth cutting hair that’s inside the foil. The foil keeps the skin protected from blades.

On the other hand, rotary electric shaver has round heads, usually three or four. Each head has a blade under it that spins in a circle similar to motion of blades of a fan. The rotary head protects facial skin from getting in contact with blades.

Advantages of an Electric Shaver

  • Shaving with an electric shaver is fast. You don’t have to spend half an hour every morning just to remove the facial hair. With an electric shaver, it’s just a couple of minutes.
  • Electric shaver is a perfect tool for people who have to shave every day and they are lazy. You just have to turn it on, rub it on the area where you want to remove the hair and that’s it. You are shaved. If you haven’t used an electric before, you won’t believe it could be so quick when you do it the first time.
  • Electric shavers are almost maintenance-free. Unlike buying new blades and cleaning the razor aggressively, electric gives you an easy way to clean the shaver without cutting your fingers. On top of it, it doesn’t need daily maintenance. Usually, shavers can be cleaned quickly by removing their head/foil and brushing off hair trapped inside. You will need to replace blades for electric shaver once in a year.

Electric shavers don’t leave cuts or bruises on your skin. Since blades are protected with a foil or a head, depending on the type of razor, you never have to worry about leaving a cut on your skin while shaving quickly.